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Applebrie technology for brokers

Industry’s finest CRM

The industry’s finest smart plug-and-play CRM and customer portal built for brokers by brokers.

Native MT4 for Mac

Run MT4 on Mac like a native app. Fully packaged, no hassle, no extra software installs.

Your customer’s information at your fingertips. Always

Our CRM and Customer Portal put exactly what your team need, when they need it, at their fingertips. Whether it’s your sales, retention, finance, back office or compliance team, our one of a kind CRM has you covered.

FXGlobe Forex Industry Specific CRM
Cryptocurrency exchange

Beautifully adapted for mobile

Easy to use and fully optimised for mobile customer experience across our technology offering.

MT4 for Mac solution

Finally. A native MT4 Mac OS app.

Stop sending your customers instructions on how to install MT4 on Mac OS using third party softwares. We’ve packaged MT4 into one .dmg file that requires no further software to install. No fuss and no complications with our one-click install.

Erez Ventura


FXGlobe relies heavily on Applebrie’s technology and CRM. We’ve seen drastic increases in performance of our team..

Vlad Sergeev

Founder & CEO

Applebrie’s tech is the center of our business. Very pleased!

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